a&o services

a&o Systems and Services’ very important customer HP, trusts them with huge service and maintenance contracts, for example the Department of Work and Pensions’ 12,000, countrywide, self-service kiosks on a 4.5hr time-to-fix SLA.

They have difficulty in up-selling and cross-selling into the HP. The projects are large and ongoing and client contacts are wary of being sold to.

Our electronic direct mail was highly targeted and flattering. We initially chose to mail just 50 recipients, effectively turning the normal paradigm of e-shot marketing on its head.

The result is that the mailing has now spread ‘virally’ to all areas of HP and generated invitations to planning meetings on projects outside of A&O’s current remit.

‘1st Objective have been instrumental in helping me turn my business around’ said Andy Davison, Marketing and Sales Director at a&o.