With several major product launches – such as Leaf, Nissan’s electric car, Juke, a small crossover and March, the replacement for Micra – all happening within a few months, Nissan needed a rock-solid communication programme with their 186 dealers around the UK.

1st Objective developed a regular, weekly, electronic email, backed by a website, that grew over the weeks into a resource that dealers could draw on.

It allowed Nissan to drip feed product information rather than swamp them, and to slowly raise excitement and expectation that could easily be cascaded by dealer principals to their sales teams.

NissanOver six months, this publication – called the Insider – would start to raise friendly competition between regions and improve dealer pride in the brand. By endorsing the commitment they had made to become a Nissan dealership in the first place Nissan formed a stronger bond with their distribution chain.