Our new client PayFones and their C-mii handsets presented 1st Objective with a ‘nice to have’ challenge.

As front runners in the affordable NFC-enabled handset market, they have the product to match the pent-up demand.  But with so much chatter in the market about the advent of Near Field Communications, how can they get cut-through  and the attention their phones deserve?

‘When you talk to Chris Pay at PayFones about his C-mii range of NFC handsets it’s pretty hard not to get excited about the potential,’ says Nic Ricketts at 1st Objective.

‘He can rattle off a variety of scenarios where NFC on a mobile handset will change the way people work and buy stuff forever. Our task was to get that down to simple advertising concepts. The luxury we had was that the end-user benefits were obvious and easy to get across – whether we were talking about enterprise-based solutions or NFC in a retail environment.’

In the enterprise space, users of C-mii NFC phones are likely to include domiciliary care workers, cleaners, porters and security staff, who will have the ability to tag in and out of particular locations. This has all the obvious applications for the daily logging of time and attendance and re-tasking on the go.

And in the retail environment, there’ll be no more digging in pockets and purses for cash and cards. Shoppers buying  small everyday items simply touch their C-mii mobile to an NFC reader to make instant, safe and convenient  transactions.

‘What this means is that we can tell little stories in the ads,’ says Nic. ‘And this makes the ads more powerful. Instead of pointing our creative at the IT specifier or recommender we can create pull-through demand from users and top-down interest at board level.