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Most savvy travellers will probably know a few tricks to ensure the best deal when they exchange their money for a trip. These days, it seems, everyone wants to offer advice or make a recommendation on where to go to get the best deal. 

Now, there is a new online exchange comparison site,, designed to offer free, impartial information on where to get the best value for money when you change money.

“Deciding where, when and how to change your money is a headache, quite frankly,” says Peter Rudin-Burgess, a partner at, “I think in this day and age, most travellers are extremely weary when it comes to exchanging currency. They simply want a convenient, cost-effective transaction, and that’s where the site comes in.”

He explains that the site provides independent, straightforward advice on how to get the best exchange rate – in one easy-to-view comparison chart.

Site visitors can see the best currency deals, updated six times an hour. A few clicks beat the drudgery of visiting high street banks and exchange houses, where the deals are always in their favour.

While some might feel happier travelling with a credit or debit card, Rudin-Burgess is quick to point out that most card providers add a three per cent ‘load’ cost, giving poor exchange rates, and charge ATM withdrawal fees.

“Don’t forget most credit card providers class travel money exchanges as cash advance transactions. This means you will incur a cash advance fee, and high interest rates on your borrowing until you pay it off. Our advice is simple: stick with cash (or pre-paid cards) and make sure you make your money work for you,” he said. compares the best exchange rates for more than 80 currencies, from all the biggest currency suppliers in theUK. The site aims to be a convenient one-stop-shop for consumers to get the best possible deal when exchanging money, cutting out the hassle.

Rudin-Burgess says: ‘There are a lot of myths in the currency exchange business. For instance, there is no such thing as zero commission. Many high street banks offer very poor exchange rates, contrary to what we might be led to believe. All the exchange companies vary the exchange rate to make money on transactions – after all, they are running a business. We show at a glance where – and how – you will get the best deal.’

Better rates

Online bureaux-de-change can have lower overheads and can offer better exchange rates, and the site updates its figures constantly, so visitors are always guaranteed the best deal.

“Exchange rates change throughout the day – and this is another way exchange houses make their money. The frequency of updates on our site ensures you can get the absolute best deal – from the comfort of your armchair. Using our service keeps you up to date in a sometimes volatile market, where the best deals change every hour,” said Rudin-Burgess.

The site’s independence means it always shows which currency house is offering the best rate at any given moment of the day, both on the High Street and online.

Once you’ve done a currency exchange deal, you can also take advantage of other financial offers and travel money tips via the site, including currency card comparison; currency buy back; travel insurance comparison and deals; car hire; luggage forwarding; airport parking – in fact, visit compare and you’ll wonder how you ever travelled without it.

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