The merger, acquisition and integration process is complex and demanding. The majority of deals fail to deliver the returns and targets forecasted at the outset and even after a successful conclusion integration can be costly and fraught with risk. MA&I Ltd deliver improved outcomes for the M&A process, ensuring that deal values are assessed properly and post deal integration is effectively executed.

1st Objective provides the marketing function for the group and the clients they serve.

Marketing can make a vital contribution to any newly formed business, an area so frequently neglected during the merger or acquisition process. Marketing activity is often routinely put on hold while deals are done. It means new entities repeatedly emerge in a weaker state, with a shorter order book and facing stronger competition. We apply marketing services, a hands-on approach, that enables businesses to accelerate out of the gate, immediately engage with their audience and push back on their competition.

We deliver the following Marketing and PR services:
• Organisational structure and prioritisation of the marketing department(s) resources
• Rigorously auditing the marketing you have planned both past and present
• Market segmentation and scoring against competitors
• Review and evaluate the quality and applicability of market data
• Practical and pragmatic implementation of marketing services to grow sales
• Brand audit and message building
• Reducing duplication and creating efficiencies

As part of our process we assess and audit what you are doing and the success you have experienced, matching our findings alongside the business’ sales plan, providing a marketing health check. We build-in funding that’s ring-fenced specifically for the marketing function and pragmatically apply resources to support your sales growth.

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