As part of recent consultancy work we have developed an end-to-end checklist for lead generation.

Starting with choosing whom to target all the way to measuring results, this list can help you see your programmes’ touchpoints in the round and most importantly, from the standpoint of your audience.

  1. How do you select customers or prospects from the database
  2. How are messages for a campaign created and made relevant for the audience
  3. What will you send them – or contact them with – in the first instance
  4. What’s the call-to-action
  5. Secondary messaging, contact and/or follow-up
  6. Where does the recipient goes next, (ie website landing page), how relevant it is and what recognition elements are used to tie the two together
  7. What will you ask prospects to do next, degree of difficulty/ease of engaging/fewest barriers etc
  8. What fulfilment is offered in return for any sign-up or commitment on their part
  9. Quality and content of that fulfilment ie a webinar, an offer or free trial etc
  10. How will you follow-up, sell through or cross-sell
  11. What materials the sales team will use to support that process
  12. What ‘further information’ resources are available to prospects to keep them ‘warm’
  13. How will you measure success, ROI etc

While all of this looks simple – when broken down into these elements – it only needs one weak link and all efforts to be lost and re-contacting, without realising why a campaign has been ineffective, can annoy or disaffect the audience you are trying to reach.

An added value here is that marketing and sales must work together to ensure better outcomes and that neither department can accuse the other of not pulling their weight.