Newly formed Trinicorn Ltd have chosen 1st Objective as the marketing arm of their offering for companies preparing to merge or sell, and post-deal, for the vital process of integration.

The value within businesses is not always recognised by vendors or acquirers. This value can manifest as IP, annuity income and other revenue streams. Equally it’s not uncommon for owners to be unaware of liabilities within their organisation. Trinicorn help improve outcomes and ensure deals are concluded on time, to budget and structured to meet the preferences of both the buyer and seller.

Trinicorn are uniquely focused on post-deal integration, where poor implementation can result in failed acquisitions. Often, both vendor and acquirer do not have the resource or skills to facilitate a successful integration process which can result in loss of value and credibility to both parties.

Marketing can make a vital contribution to any newly formed business, an area so frequently neglected during the merger or acquisition process. Marketing activity is often routinely put on hold while deals are done. It means new entities repeatedly emerge in a weaker state, with a shorter order book and facing stronger competition. We apply marketing services – a hands-on approach -, that enables businesses to accelerate out of the gate, immediately engage with their audience and push back on their competition.