Do you really know who’s in your car park? Buckinghamshire-based G24’s Automatic Number Plate Recognition generates a mass of daily data that can improve security, efficiency and revenue. 

G24 – the parking solutions provider – believe that data is the key to unlocking the real value of car parks. They log over 7 million vehicle movements every month, and provide the data to customers in an easy-to-use format. Accessed via the web, and giving a continuous and clear picture of what’s happening in their parking facility, shopping centre managers now have an informed commentary on the impact – and opportunities – that their car park provides.

1st Objective wrote ads and advertorial for the Beaconsfield company which led with their unique StoreGuard product. StoreGuard alerts car park owners when VIPs and highly valued customers enter so they can roll-out the red carpet. Equally it lets customers know when undesirables or known criminals arrive so that security can be there to greet them!

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