The best rice cracker in Japan for children, and very popular among Japanese parents, because they are made as a safe treat that won’t trigger allergies. BEST RICE CRACKER. A type of rice cracker that is fried, rather than baked or roasted. These senbei are made with vegetable oil, which is referred to as salad oil in Japan. Hai Hain rice crackers. $28.75 SHOP NOW “These gluten-free crackers are free from the top eight allergens,” says Sassos. LAIKI Black Rice and Sea Salt Crackers, 8-Pack. Two flavors are available: the classic plain one, and; the vegetable … Kometsubu Senbei Age means to fry. The rice crackers are usually pale white in color and have a salty flavor. Amazon. LAIKI Salad Senbei. The fried rice crackers usually exhibit a sweet and salty flavor.
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