Red 1.5 Quart Slow Cooker by Kitchen Selectives, 8. Dark Gray Compact Slow Cooker by Toastprimary, 10. If this is a concern for you, look for a unit that specifically has a rubber sealing lid or if you want it for rice, you’re better off getting a rice steamer instead of a slow cooker. That’s it for settings – no timer or more granular controls. The 1.5-quart capacity is plenty to cook a small meal along with dips, sauces and small side dishes. This list should help you narrow down your options. This model is fairly popular with over 100 customer reviews. A built-in lid keeps surfaces clean and makes serving that much simpler. To help you narrow down the options, we've limited this list to cookers with a maximum capacity of four quarts. The removable stoneware pot and lid are both dishwasher friendly. While it doesn’t have quite as many reviews as the Elite Gourmet above, it has well over 100 and the average rating is high. Boy, do people like this slow cooker. Air Purifier vs. Air Humidifier – What are the differences? You may recognize the Mr. Coffee name from the brand’s budget-friendly coffee makers, but this small slow cooker also stands out for its functional design and affordable price tag. It’s important to note that when you look at the photos of 1.5 quart slow-cookers, they look big, but they’re not. You can manually choose the low or high settings to cook a side dish or meal. You can feed up to three people with this 2.5-quart slow cooker. 5 Best Crock Pots: Your Easy Buying Guide. We may be paid compensation when you click on links to those products and/or services. The price range isn’t much at all so choosing one boils down to choosing the features you want and then picking one that will look good in your kitchen. Both the crock and lid are dishwasher safe. Here’s another 2-setting slow cooker with dishwasher-safe crock pot and lid. Small slow cookers are ideal for feeding one to two people, or for making your favorite side dishes. I’m a big fan of incorporating splashes of red in interior design; using small appliances, pillows and furniture to do so works well. So if you find you routinely fill up a large slow cooker 1/3 full, you might want to buy a smaller unit for better results. Find more Proctor Silex Round Slow Cooker information and reviews here. The high temperature setting is plenty for cooking meat. Despite its smaller size, this mini Instant Pot shares the same features as the popular six-quart Instant Pot DUO60. Not only do built-in sensors monitor your food and adjust the temperature accordingly, they also cook dishes as quickly as possible without compromising taste or texture. Find more Homever Slow Cooker information and reviews here. The 1.5 quart size slow cooker is great for a single person or perhaps even two people. Our list of the best small rice cookers offers more great options if you’re tight on space. The lid knob is also designed to remain cool to the touch. The stoneware is safe for the oven (except in the broiler) and microwave. Stay-cool handles keep your hands from getting burned. The white fits well in most kitchen color schemes. If you're looking for a small slow cooker, we suggest the 1.5-quart Nesco cooker, which stands out for its vibrant exterior and numerous features for the price. Monitors temperature and makes adjustments as necessary, Inner pot has a three-ply bottom for even heat distribution, Replaces multiple kitchen appliances, including a pressure cooker, slow cooker and yogurt maker, Clear tempered glass lid lets you check on the food as it cooks, Locking lid keeps food secure when traveling, Stoneware can go in the oven and microwave, Just the right size for parties and family dinners, High temperature setting is plenty for cooking meat, Wraparound element provides even heat distribution, Glass lid lets you check on food as it cooks, Intergrated insert handles make it easier to remove the pot, Each insert has its own temperature control, Glass lid makes it easier to monitor food, Glass lid lets you monitor the food as it cooks, Cool-touch handles keep you safe even when the slow cooker is at maximum heat, Removable stoneware insert for cleaning and serving, Cooks small meals as well as dips and sauces, Some find that the suggested cooking times are too long, Some mention the capacity is smaller than expected, A few mention food can burn on the highest temperature setting, Glass lid makes it easy to monitor food as it cooks.
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