<]>> 0000009603 00000 n 0000037674 00000 n Improper fumigation; use only approved fumigants and follow label directions. 0000060727 00000 n 0000003844 00000 n The second problem is one that is more difficult to eliminate from the potential list of problems and that is whether you are maintaining the correct humidity. 0000006568 00000 n 0000006982 00000 n Most specialist breeders will not sell eggs but will hatch eggs themselves and then make stock available in the autumn after they have selected them and taken what they want for next years breeding pen. startxref mum is a cherry valley dad was a indian runner so unlikely to be too closely related. 0000060122 00000 n Your email address will not be published. 0000007989 00000 n 0000003702 00000 n 0000056604 00000 n goes into a little more detail on the ‘right’ humidity for your hatching eggs. 0000060232 00000 n The size of the air sack at the wide end of the duck egg (the lighter patch in the top of the photo to the right) on a given day of incubation is the best indication of how much weight the egg has lost and with experience and the use of an air sack chart, the humidity can be adjusted to get the right size of air sack for a successful hatch. Opening the incubator causes the humidity level to drop drastically which can hamper the hatching duck eggs and inadvertently turning the eggs can cause them not the hatch. 0000005491 00000 n 0000009671 00000 n 0000023419 00000 n 0000009106 00000 n Weight loss can also be used as a guide. 0000009469 00000 n 0000008015 00000 n 0000005355 00000 n 0000005627 00000 n Learn how your comment data is processed. 0000009537 00000 n This seems to happen the most with chickens but it is not uncommon for this to occur with waterfowl too. 0000004416 00000 n 0000019347 00000 n endstream endobj 86 0 obj<. 0000059660 00000 n 85 114 This seems to be a common problem that people have, even though they have a modern incubator, often with automatic temperature and humidity control. Those humidity issues usually cause a duck to be underdeveloped at hatch time. 0000006319 00000 n 0000005765 00000 n %PDF-1.6 %���� Is there any way to help it ‘dry out’ at this point? 0000036589 00000 n 0000003448 00000 n 0000010106 00000 n 0000046215 00000 n 0000037474 00000 n 0000056898 00000 n Sometimes when incubating duck eggs at the recommended temperature and humidity, they appear to develop correctly but die in the shell before pipping. 0000060302 00000 n Mercury spilled in … 0000056164 00000 n What humidity should I use to hatch my duck eggs? 0000061731 00000 n 0000036860 00000 n I have found two other problems though that seems to affect hatches the most. As you can see, it is very hard to answer the question of why ducklings sometimes die fully formed in the shell but hopefully this article has given you some areas to investigate and thoughts for improvement. 0000004953 00000 n 0000060874 00000 n 0000037087 00000 n 0000038346 00000 n This is a good way to get the desired looks and characteristics in the offspring and with careful selection and a closed flock, they can get fantastic results however after a number of years of doing this, eggs can become harder and harder to hatch and the chicks / ducklings get weaker and weaker. Sudden losses at any time. 0000059555 00000 n A separate article – What humidity should I use to hatch my duck eggs? 0000033669 00000 n 0000031316 00000 n 0000005876 00000 n 0000014565 00000 n It happens sometimes. Waterfowl also take longer to develop, allowing another week for bacteria to grow. 0000059797 00000 n How Comfortable Are You with Duck & Goose Down Production? 0000033399 00000 n 0000004546 00000 n Hatching duck eggs requires a humidity level of 65% on average, or 85* to 88*F on a wet bulb thermometer. 0 Set only fresh eggs; allow extra time for hatch by setting old eggs early. 0000059351 00000 n There are a number of reasons why a duckling may develop inside the shell but never hatch. Checking the temperature with a known ‘good’ thermometer soon rules this out and checking the parent stock over for good health soon reduces the chances of disease. 0000030633 00000 n The picture of the egg shown is at day 8 of the incubation process and the air sack is still quite small. It never ceases to amaze me how wonderful mother nature is and if you continue to have problems, maybe incubation using a broody hen would be the answer next year?
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