However, unsustainable tourism and the consumption patterns of travellers are irreversibly damaging some of the world’s key eco-systems necessary for biodiversity and human survival. NMO Module 6 - My Folder Exercise Part One: Homepage, private content, and sharing. “Biodiversity underpins the very foundation of our societies, economies, food systems, and cultures. “All sectors must operate more sustainably to mitigate the harmful elements of global population growth, but tourism needs especially to operate more sustainably due to its diverse and substantial environmental and social impacts,” says Randy Durband, CEO of the GSTC. Through the GSTA's partnership structure, each implementing organization contributed its unique expertise within the various aspects of sustainable tourism development. Global Conservation Program/EWV: Capacity Building for Community-Based Forest Mgmt. Current FRAME information on the RM Portal, Current Frame Communities Browse By on RM Portal, Current FRAME Communities listed on RM Portal, Global Tourism - Achieving Sustainable Goals, Project Development For Sustainable Tourism - A Step By Step Approach, Tourism Destination Management - Achieving Sustainable And Competitive Results, Tourism Investment And Finance - Accessing Sustainable Funding And Social Impact Capital, Sustainable Tourism Enterprise Development - A Business Planning Approach, Tourism Workforce Development - A Guide To Assessing And Designing Programs, Tourism and Conservation - Sustainable Models And Strategies, Powering Tourism - Electrification And Efficiency Options For Rural Tourism Facilities, USAID Natural Resource Management and Development Portal, Scientific, Academic, Volunteer, And Educational Travel - Connecting Responsible Travelers With Sustainable Destinations, The International Institute of Tropical Forestry/US Forest Service, The Threshold of Sustainability for Tourism within Protected Areas Featured February 6, 2012, El Umbral de la Sostenibilidad - Una Guia Rapida, Le Seuil de Viabilite du Tourisme - Un Guide Rapide, USAID Natural Resources Management and Development Portal. The Global Sustainable Tourism Criteria were developed as part of a broad initiative managed by The Partnership for Global Sustainable Tourism Criteria (GSTC Partnership), a coalition of over 40 organizations working together to foster increased understanding of sustainable tourism practices and the adoption of universal sustainable tourism principles. Does providing benefits from conservation enterprises lead to behavior change? The Global Sustainable Tourism Alliance (GSTA) was created to advance state-of-the-practice in sustainable tourism development and assist USAID Missions to design and implement innovative, integrated, market-based tourism approaches that will foster sustainable futures for individuals, communities, and societies in USAID-presence countries. “We believe that Chinese Tourism has the potential to recover in a way that is more sustainable and in harmony with nature, balancing the relationship between humans and wildlife. Online Toolkits and Resource Series from the Sustainable Tourism Courses, Share your resources Foreign Assistance: USAID Completed Many Caribbean Disaster Recovery Activities, but Several Challenges Hampered Efforts, USAID Knoweldge Management Strategic Plan, 2008-2012, International Training Programs sponsored by the US Forest Service International Programs, Experiences and Lessons Learned in Sanitation Marketing Programs (2008-2010), Training & Mentoring of Health Providers: Malawi's Approach, Gender Mainstreaming in Agriculture and Natural Resource Management; Building Accountability to Women Farmers, Gender & Participant Training: USAID Afghanistan, Judicial Training Institute (JTI): USAID Liberia, Liberia Teacher Training Program Phase Two (LTTP II): USAID Liberia, MCCS 0504: Effective Conservation Leadership, Smithsonian-Mason School of Conservation: MCCS 0509: Applied Climate Change: Gaining Practical Skills for Climate Change Adaptation, Training - Second Law of Thermodynamics Tutorial, Research Association of Medical and Biological Organizations (RAMBO) Presentation, April 25, 2006, Brasil Mission Portal Presentation Slide Show, USAID Forest Team RM Portal Presentations Archive. 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