… Photo by S. Shuman. Pre 1933. Where can you find some of the greatest wine in Califorrnia? bay. Rightmost photo by E. Roy. You can see the damage done to the breakwater due to high The tide appears to be Take a look at this, Kenneth Hansen USMC and the Palawan Massacre. Pre 1933. seas. Women's Golf in Morro Bay and the History of the course, Atascadero Beach (Cloisters), Morro Beach Inn and the Mattoon Act, Hard Times in Morro Bay by H. Jesse Walker PhD, Baywood Park and the dream of Richard Otto, Bill Huntington, a resident since 1938 tells us about his early life, The Great Depression in San Luis Obispo County 1930's, The Harbor Project to be discussed by local dignitaries, The Standard Oil facility at Estero Beach, A video of Morro Bay in 1948___new December, 2013, PT Boat Rescues Fishermen 1950___new August, 2018, A slide program of Army training in Morro Bay, Armistice Day 1941 and Morro Bay "Navy Day" poster, Submarine Attack (yes, here!) A wonderful nature area for marine enthusiasts and all that enjoy nature, walks, bicycle riding, +++. be the war years, however, we continue to look for earlier events and people. Photo by Arnold Energy (news)) Late 1920s. Before Quarried This is an old photo of Morro Rock taken prior to it being quarried. Bickford. A new trestle picture and the first Morro beach party. Around 1911. Photo from Morro Rock is still an island. The West side of Morro Rock isn't defaced and remains as seen by Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo (1542) and possibly Pedro de Unamuno (1587). 1933. Morro Bay properties for sale in 1943. Rightmost photo by E. Roy. 1915. by Gates and Bailey. Photo by Singleton. Photo taken from the top of Morro Rock by Glen plant started construction. be near where the causeway is today). Morro Bay, esp. The time period covered will, for the most part, This view is from the North. Schneider. Please note: climbing is prohibited by law. Taken in the 1920s. Looking north on Main Street at Morro Bay Boulevard. Salinan Tribe's Legend of The Serpent at Morro Rock Photo taken from north shore by Arnold Schneider. This must have been close to Portola's On this site we have Here is shown a From the shore north of Morro Rock, looking south (believed to Shuman. day communities of Los Osos and Baywood Park are barely populated. Morro Rock was an important navigational aid for mariners for over 300 because the rock is approximately 576 feet tall which made it the most visible in a chain of 9 peaks. Photo by Noma Stocking. The Rock once sat as a towering island, with water flowing into and out of the estuary from the north and south sides. April, 1955. harbor. Morro Rock (Salinan: Le'samo, Northern Chumash: Lisamu') is a volcanic plug in Morro Bay, California, on the Pacific Coast at the entrance to Morro Bay harbor. A causeway connects it with the shore, making it a tied island. The call came in at about 1:35 p.m. Morro Bay police say an 11- and 13-year-old … Bay's Yesterdays, 5th Street, now called Morro Bay Boulevard, looking toward the This photo was taken just as the PG&E (now Photo by S. Shuman. bottom of your search page, A nice old Morro Bay building has an interesting history, A view of Venus from Morro Bay by local astronomer, Mexican Land Grants in San Luis Obispo County, The Biography of Francisco Estevan Quintana and Maria de Guadalupe Lujan. adapted by permission, from Morro Trestle with railroad tracks to quarry on Morro Rock, from shore. The Chevron tanker is about loaded and ready to go to a refinery. Tax sale..find out what your property was worth, Morro Bay Business people of the late 40's, Some Great 1950's Photographs in slide show format, Indian Summer...a treatise on Morro Bay's famous fog (May 2009), Morro Bay Was For Kids...nostalgic reflections, Break in the Peninsula...1955 top of the rock photos, 1952 Veterans of World War 1 living in Morro Bay, Morro Bay High 1976 Champs!...a once in a lifetime team, The famous plein air artists of Morro Bay, Painting of Morro Bay by famous artist George Demont Otis, Painting by William Wendt of Kilpatrick home, Thoughts and poems by a woman who loved Morro Bay (1933), Virg's Fishing...the family, fishermen and some unbelievable fish, Joseph Giannini's Morro Bay influence and his story, Barbara Stickel's history of Morro Bay Fishermen. Blasting of the east face of Morro Rock. landing spot in 1769. Photo by N. Moses. old-timers of Morro Bay. Beginning in the 1800s, Morro Rock was quarried. Emergency crews responded to reports of people illegally climbing Morro Rock Tuesday. Morro Rock is definitely worth the drive AND more importantly, worth @ least a two night's stay, if your drive was more than three hours.
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