Otherwise I just opened a game and talked to myself, then hit the share button and went to Capture Gallery and listened to myself. Cookies help us deliver our Services. If the headset is on while you are trying to adjust the HZ it will not work. But after upgrading to Windows 10, several HyperX Cloud 2 users have found their microphone either muted or muffled for no apparent reason. I just bought my HyperX wireless headset and my friends are all screaming at me because it sounds worse than the 20 dollar mic I bought at Walmart. Just purchased the Cloud Flights after using the Cloud Stinger for a year. save hide report. The red LEDs on the outside of either ear cup match the exposed bright red cabling, while the rest of the headset is a sleek black. i just turned on mic monitoring and my friends said i sounded way better. Headsets. Why is HyperX Cloud Mic or Cloud 2 Mic Not Working? It doesn't appear in any feeds, and anyone with a direct link to it will see a message like this one. First off, the Cloud Flight Wireless is a great looking headset. I tested again in audacity and it seemed alright. Question HyperX Cloud Flight Wireless Headset Mic Isn't Working: Question Why is my brand new Hyperx cloud stinger only record internal sounds? Scroll to page 16 of this document to make sure the headset is properly connected to PS4 https://images-eu.ssl-images-amazon.com/images/I/E1Ai8sg5MGS.pdf, Now, hold the PS button and go to the Sound / Devices, Go to the audio setting that you can turn up and down your input volume. https://www.hyperxgaming.com/us/support/technical/downloads?product=hx-hscf&filename=hyperx_firmware_updater_cloud_flight_3115, You'll notice they want you to plug in the USB thingy AND plug in your headset using a micro USB, Make sure your headset is off! This thread is archived. It sounds fine while using Discord but if I try to talk thru Xbox Party it sounds terrible. Question HyperX Cloud 2 Cant distinguish Left from right and 7.1 not doing anything: Question HyperX Cloud Alpha underperforming (low audio) Question Headset mic picking sounds (HyperX Cloud) Right click the speaker down the bottom right, click sounds, then click the recording tab, right click the HyperX Cloud II, then click properties, then click the advanced tab, and select the dropdown box, and set it to the highest quatlity. Go download the latest firmware update...I don't know if this even matters for our issue, but screw it. Or in some cases, you can hear from HyperX Cloud 2 mic, but it sounds bad. I have a HyperX cloud flight s. It is a wireless headset with a USB dongle that uses rf for the speakers and the microphone which plugs into a jack on the actual headset itself. 100% Upvoted. sometimes it feels like its snug in there but there is still an extra millimeter you can manage. In much sense, HyperX Cloud II drivers can be the main reasons for the not working headset. Ubuntu will not detect or even list the microphone as an input device I actually have no input device options in … With a solid, gaming-grade wireless connection, incredible 30-hour¹ battery life, and signature HyperX comfort, Cloud Flight allows you to have longer, uninterrupted gaming sessions. Wondering if anyone knows of a way to fix this poor mic quality issue. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts, https://www.hyperxgaming.com/us/support/technical/downloads?product=hx-hscf&filename=hyperx_firmware_updater_cloud_flight_3115, https://images-eu.ssl-images-amazon.com/images/I/E1Ai8sg5MGS.pdf. hide. I feel like this makes a difference but I might just be crazy at this point. I restart my computer just because why not. HyperX Cloud Flight Wireless Gaming Headset for PC/PS4. Hey u/UniversePi How long have you owned the CloudX Flight? No matter who you are or how you play – We’re All Gamers. Go in there and set it a little past "Good" ... that seemed to be the best spot in my case, Try to get into a party with your friend and ask him if it sounds alright. If this does not work for you, HyperX will ask you to test it out on another PS4, because maybe its a PS4 issue. You want it to look like this in front of your lips "<>" not this "--" if that makes sense. Sorry, this post was deleted by the person who originally posted it. As I joined discord to talk with my friends as I do every day, they said that the quality of my voice sounded "muffled". Some HyperX Cloud 2 microphones are not even working at all. HyperX Cloud Flight Mic Quality. Raise it up and that will fix the issue, The mic is just bad on the flights. Welcome to the HyperX Family. How do I Fix This? Break free from the bonds of cable connections and feel the freedom of the wireless HyperX Cloud Flight. Yeah first I used the windows “listen to this mix feature”. I dont know how the sound quality changed by itself but it resolved my problem! Welcome to the HyperX Family. Turning up the microphone volume does not help and this problem has left a number of users frustrated. If the red light is on that is okay, its just charging, After you update the firmware, keep following the directions to reconnect your headset to the USB thingy. Habe das Headset am Mainboard angeschlossen, über antworten wäre ich sehr dankbar :) EDIT Problem gelöst :D sry With the headset playback device highlighted, you'll be able to click "Properties", Then change whatever quality you are currently set to, to the "DVD Quality" option, I would restart the computer one more time and then go back and make sure this saved. Its latest, the HyperX Cloud Flight S doesn’t have the flashy the flashy 3D audio of the Cloud Orbit S, or nearly market-breaking value of the Cloud Alpha, but it’s got a lot going for it.. J jedoch habe ich ein starkes Rauschen im Mikro (der pop schutz ist drauf) hat jemand das selbe Problem? Now you have an updated firmware and your headset is connected. Now, before you test this out on your PS4, make sure your attachable microphone is plugged in ALL THE WAY. Ja das Cloud ist echt der Hammer. Not sure the exact number but I’ll be able to tell once I get on my pc. HyperX has been a mainstay in the gaming headset space for years, offering a headset in basically every market segment and price range. Kompatibel mit HyperX Cloud Core, CloudX, Cloud II, Cloud Alpha, Cloud Alpha S, Cloud Flight, CloudX Flight, Cloud MIX Artikelnummer: HXS-HSCC1 Vorrübergehend nicht auf Lager Cloud Alpha Ohrpolster. Then click the "Playback device" that is your headset...make sure your headset is off! report. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. I was lucky enough to have a friend online and he said it sounded better. share. THANK YOU! HyperX tech support chat is also very helpful. 14 comments. Then I joined discord and my mic was also a little low, so I increased the volume. Page 1 HyperX Cloud Flight Quick Start Guide Wireless Gaming Headset Overview Volume wheel Microphone port USB charge port Analog headphone port Power button Mic mute button Detachable microphone Wireless adapter Wireless status light USB charge cable 3.5mm headphone cable Usage Charging It is recommended to fully charge your headset before first use. I was just super excited that I finally got it somewhat fixed and needed to share it with the world. Edit: I also changed the Hz to DVD quality. I had this same problem for two months and I think I have finally fixed it! 70 days later but take my upvote and thank you for the effort you put into this, I appreciate it :), New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. I wrote all of this from the top of my head. No matter who you are or how you play – We’re All Gamers. With a solid, gaming-grade wireless connection, incredible 30-hour 1 battery life, and signature HyperX comfort, Cloud Flight allows you to play uninterrupted for longer.
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