Next time, I would get over myself a bit and just buy some whites to put in. Breads are baked in the morning before they are shipped out; orders are filled and shipped approximately 7-14 business days from the purchase date. The same brand also makes a plain flavor and a toasted onion flavor. This bread used to taste so good. I took a first bite of each of these and didn’t want a second. I had someone else try it and didn't tell them what I thought, and they were the same way. Your recently viewed items and featured recommendations, Select the department you want to search in. Reviewed in the United States on March 2, 2015. They were good with both butter and honey. Twitter. I ate at least a loaf a week. This is a mix that you can buy online. So as an alternative method of toasting, I stuck it on a baking sheet under the broiler, thinking this would be a little bit gentler, but I STILL couldn’t get it toasty. I put them on a tasty salad (butter lettuce, red onion, mushrooms, salt and pepper vinaigrette, leftover rotisserie chicken) and ended up with a sad pile of unwanted croutons at the bottom of the salad bowl. You’ll also need 1 cup of eggs or egg whites + 3 tbsp. The bread arrived in two days, had no mold and best of all tasted great! It took 2 emails to request a refund and when they finally did respond I was told they do not offer refunds. When I tried picking up the slice above, it broke in half. So i'll choke this down regardleds but this and the coconut paleo wraps are putrid! They offer paleo protein bars, Julian Bakery paleo wraps, Julian Bakery paleo bread, as well as other products like ketone bars and cereal. It won't stand up so you can't toast it, I had to use the toaster oven so I could lay it flat. Bread barely is risen above label. The name seems friendly and the products look delicious, so I wanted to look into their company more. Pinterest. Take a peek at 5 brands of pre-made Paleo bread and bread mixes. Reviewed in the United States on June 10, 2016. One problem with toasting it was that the bread tended to fall apart in the toaster. I also tried making croutons with it to see if that would produce something I wanted to eat, but the croutons just weren’t great. Julian Bakery is a paleo food company that is based out of Oceanside, California. For your information only. I then wrote them an email with pictures demonstrating the obvious color difference between the old and new loaves, and requested an explanation. They offer paleo protein bars, Julian Bakery paleo wraps, Julian Bakery paleo bread, as well as other products like ketone bars and cereal. Since I freeze my bread, when I defrost it, bread is kind of "spongy" and falls apart easily so I have to put slices on a plate in toaster oven but it still works! None of these brands provided any food for free, paid anything for a good review, or influenced the reviews in any other way. Almond bread better butt shipping fro manufacturer to high...waiting for more of that. Great for diet restricted people. Loaf is small and bread is horrible. These are pre-made muffins that you can buy in the freezer section of a grocery store. It has an interesting flavor and texture that goes well with everything from jam to almond butter to french toast batter. Instead of eating this expensive product, toast the box in came in. Broke up everytime I tried to use a piece. I will pretty much eat anything. Other than that, the recipe was great. Even if you toast it a long time, tge center is gummy. I tried oven-toasting it for a little less time with different toppings, but still no dice: Clockwise, from top left: raspberry jam, honey, maple almond butter, regular butter. This I can not eat. So for everyone else cooking this, I strongly suggest you use only whites.
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