The species: the first half of Homo habilis’ reign – 2 to 1.5 million years ago; the individual – 12 and 13 years old. An egg from the mother is fertilised by a sperm from the father and turns into an embryo inside the mother’s womb. The child then moves on to the phallic stage when they are between 3 and 6 years old: it is around these ages that sexual pleasure becomes centred on the genitals. In the first stage, people use energy of their own muscles.In the second, they use energy of domesticated animals.In the third, they use the energy of plants (here White considers the agricultural revolution significant). Introduction to Child Development 5 conflict here is the desire to satisfy these bodily functions immediately, clashing with the parent’s desire to toilet-train the infant. In the first stage, information is passed by genes. Leslie White, Leslie view technology as a component of culture in addition to ideology and sociology all of which are continuously changing thus leading to a general evolution of culture. •To serve these needs, energy is required. White was born in Salida, Colorado, on January 19, 1900 and planned a career in the natural sciences before joining the Navy during World War I. This is called the foetus. White differentiated five stages of human development based on the nature of energy used. An example was the use of the harness where the carts used to pull the cart. It is a mechanism for providing subsistence, protection, offense and defense, social regulation, cosmic adjustment and recreation. It is now understood as a multilinear phenomenon that describes the evolution of individual cultures or societies. In the second state, with the development of agriculture, humans are able to pass information through individual experience. Early Adolescence. According to Leslie, “culture evolves as the amount of energy harnessed per capita per year increases or as the efficiency of the means of putting this energy to work is increased.” Stage 1 . The early stages of adolescence encompass the time when we encounter, in earnest, the sobering imperfections of life under the duress of the human condition. Foetus in the womb . Cultural evolution, the development of cultures from simpler to more complex forms. Leslie White was a man who explained the process of human development.White explained that human development had stages, and the first stage showed the use of energy from their muscle. The second stage is that they also used domesticated animals to do their work. He distinguishes four stages of human development, based on advances in the history of communication. At first this creation looks like a bundle of cells. By about eight weeks this bundle of cells gradually turns into the shape of the human body. Leslie White was an American cultural anthropologist known for his neo-evolutionary viewpoint. Stages of Human Life Cycle . In the third, humans begin to use signs and develop logic. The subject was once viewed as a unilinear phenomenon that describes the evolution of human social behavior. •Culture is means by which humans carry on the life process. In the fourth, they learn to use the energy of natural resources: coal, oil, gas. Leslie White •Technology is key to understanding growth & development of human culture.
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