Architecture drawings are produced for a specific purpose and can be classified accordingly. 1 Architectural Drawings: This is one of the types of construction drawings. This is primary drawing used for marking out the plan on the ground. The architecture plan is the initial set of design schematics on which engineers rely to provide the basis for their mapping of the mechanical, electrical, and plumbing (MEP) systems for the house. An architectural drawing is a technical rendition of a building … Exterior elevations can be 2D or 3D drawings, and they can be as detailed or as simple as you like. They are used in architecture, construction, engineering, or mapping. Technical drawings are graphic representations such as lines and symbols that follow specific conventions of scale and projection. Here are seven of the most popular types of architectural and design plans. It provides a complete view of a building. 1.1 Site Plan. Architectural drawings are the technical representation of a building that is made prior to the beginning of the construction process. 2D drawings typically have measurements on them, showing where the relationship between exterior elements like doors and lights should be. These types of architectural drawings were conventionally made on paper with ink and pencils, but with the rise of technology computers became the mediators. In this article, we will list out all the drawings required for a complete portfolio. The conventions of floor plan, specific views, specificities in units of measurement all hold true to these graphical understanding architectural drawings so it is also quite complex. In a set of blueprints, you will find the architectural drawings first, including details and elevations, followed by the structural drawings created by all the engineers involved. They are made with lines, projections and are based on a scale.Different types of architectural drawings include: Architects have to take care that they provide all the below mentioned drawings to their client. Adoption of these symbols as standard practice is desirable to improve communication in the industry. It contains all the details of the project such as location site plan, setting out plan, elevations, sections and other details. This list can and should be expanded by each office to include symbols generally used by it, but not indicated here. Architectural drawing can be termed as the mother drawing for all the other drawings used for construction. Architectural drawing is simply the technical drawing of a house, a building or any kind of structure. of drawings 111/ 2 T The symbols shown are those that seem to be the most common and acceptable, judged by the frequency of use by the architectural offices surveyed. Design Portfolio does not only refer to the project work submitted by students but also Architects. There several design programs out there but nothing like 3-D and 2-D Modeling can give architects and designers a more accurate example to articulate the end-product needed for the subcontractors to build. Survey drawings; Presentation Drawings; Working Drawings; a) Survey Drawings: Survey drawings give the measurements of existing land, its area, levels, north and surrounding like approach roads, etc of structures and buildings.
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