Morton Tender Quick Meat Cure Homemade smoked bacon hey grill canadian bacon morton tender quick curing bacon with morton s tender quick homemade smoked bacon hey grill. 3 ½ cups clean room temperature water. Then, you’ll rub on 2 tbsp. Here’s a response from a forum where that question was addressed: “Tender Quick CANNOT be substituted for cure #1, nor can it simply replace the salt in a recipe calling for cure #1. Cover with brine. Whats people lookup in this blog: Morton Tender Quick Bacon Brine Recipe of brown sugar (can use light or dark) per pound – I used 8 tbsp. June 2010 edited November -1 in EggHead Forum. To receive the Morton[emoji]174[/emoji] Home Curing Guide.PDF or ask questions, Google Morton Salt/contact-us. Can you substitute cure #2 or Morton’s Tender Quick (MTQ) into these recipes? Mine was a 4lb loin, so I used 4 tbsp. Homemade Smoked Bacon Hey Grill Canadian Bacon Morton Tender Quick Remove from brine and dry thoroughly. Add Tender Quick to warmed honey and water in a quart or 2 quart container that you can seal. Next, you’ll want to rub your entire loin with 1 tbsp. of Morton Tender Quick per pound. Buckboard Bacon Recipe with Morton Tender Quick? Mercedes Guinto January 9, 2018. Shave vigorously until Tender Quick is dissolved and cool to below 40 degrees before injecting. 1.1/4 cups Morton Tender Quick. Available in most grocery store spice isles. Cover the container and refrigerate 48 hours. GulfCoastBBQ Posts: 145. for my 4lb loin. I have a bunch of Turkey legs that I would like to inject with tender quick and then soak in a brine using Morton sugar cure. 1 c. Morton Tender Quick Brine: 1/3 cup rock salt added to 1 gallon of water or enough to completely cover fish. ½ cup honey warmed in microwave. Hope this helps those who questioned the recommended cure times using Morton[emoji]174[/emoji] products. Short answer – no. Cut off heads and put in any non-metal container. Add Wright’s Liquid Smoked and tender quick. Homemade smoked bacon hey grill canadian bacon morton tender quick curing bacon with morton s tender quick homemade smoked bacon hey grill. Alternative Curing Salts: Cure #2, Morton Tender Quick. Tom Updated to include the following threads: Bacon curing time using Tender Quick , Fry Testing Bacon - Not Needed - Explained Morton Tender Quick Bacon Brine Recipe. Both of these products contain sodium nitrate as well as sodium nitrite, and are designed for curing meats with longer curing times than bacon. The formulations are completely different, work slightly differently (because Tender Quick contains both nitrite and nitrate), and in addition to salt & curing salts, Tender Quick also contains 20% sugar. Turn fish after 24 hours. I want to try making some buckboard bacon but the only recipe I have been able to find here is the one by Thirdeye using the Hi Mountain seasoning kit.
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