I hope this gives you some new ideas for your live or studio rig when it comes to using and buying dynamic microphones. The SM58 is a direct descendant of Shure’s 565, which was the first microphone to feature the Unisphere ball grille that has since become the normal grille shape for live vocal mics. It is a great alternative to the SM58, especially considering that it’s much more affordable while sounding very similar. When purified and polished, every detail has more impact. 438 € 529 € 9 . This post has really made me interested in the SM48. Zudem läge das Mikrofon sehr gut in der Hand. 199 € 248,71 € 2 . Since both of them are dynamic microphones with a cardioid pattern, you don’t really need that much to make them sound pleasing. Aston say that this could be the mic for all occasions. The DMC7 dynamic element inside the V7 has been developed for a crisp, open sound that perfectly captures the voice and instruments in a most natural way. It turns out that there is more to the modern dynamic microphone than you might think. The e945 enriches the vocals with warm nuances that give them a lively fullness. The Unidyne III cartridge features a single diaphragm with a pneumatic shock mount. However, don’t just think of the SM7B as a vocal mic. The Shure KSM8 redefines dynamic microphone technology. Purchasing a microphone on a budget can be tough, since you don’t know if what you are getting is good or simply junk. You can get one with an On/Off switch which will cost you a bit more, but still, price won’t be an issue. The frequency response is different for both microphones; 50Hz-15kHz for the SM58, and 55Hz-14kHz for the SM48. The mixers used for live performances allow you to record only a stereo track on-to your DAW, the tradeoff is affordability. Additionally, the neutral mid/high frequency response means that there is little external processing required to get a great sound, regardless of the artist’s mic technique or placement. Die (Rest-) Geschäfte von MARS hat Musician´s Friend übernommen, ein Musik-Discounter, der (leider) nicht nach Europa liefert und offensichtlich genügend Alternativen zu den AT-Mikros hat - die bieten die zumindest nicht an. With the SM58 you also need to do this but not as much or as often. The slight bass roll-off and defined midrange of the mic helps produce a punchy and unique sound that works like a charm with cabinets and speakers of any size. The resulting four voice settings, Vocal 1, Vocal 2, Guitar and Dark, offer a range of flavours to suit almost every application. Try it, you might love it, and if you don't, keep it to add to a condenser you enjoy the sound of. Every harmonic detail of any given vocal performance will be accurately and faithfully captured using this microphone which is by far the least expensive in our list. Z.B. Und das hat seine Gründe. If we take the price into account, even though the SM58 isn’t really an expensive microphone, the SM48 would provide the best value. It was the world's first dynamic mic to be designed, developed and produced in the UK. If I had to choose, I’d go with the SM58, it’s that big of a price difference and it will last you a lifetime. The Sontronics SOLO is a handheld dynamic microphone with a supercardioid pickup pattern. Just like the SM48, this microphone has a built-in shock mount, to cut down on handling noise, and is built like an absolute tank, so it’s great for live performances and to take it on the road. The build quality of the SM48 is extremely good, you could drop it a hundred times and it would still work perfectly. Last Updated on February 27, 2020 by Facundo. I would confidently put an Audio-Technica ATM41a up against a Shure SM58 as a rehearsal PA vocal mic any day. The sound quality is very good, it sounds clear and crisp, not as good as the SM58, but the differences are hardly noticeable, in a live setting you really will not be able to tell the difference. The SM58’s ball-shaped and lined grille reduces wind and breath noise and plosive popping, making the mic better suited for vocal applications than its SM57 sibling. It might look like something from outer space but sounds just amazing so come with me as we take a look and listen to the new Sontronics Corona. Das Gewicht des Mikros bewerten viele Sänger als ideal. They sound great on guitar cabs too. Potentially. Lewitt MTP 440 DM. Also, what is the model number of the SM48 with an on/off switch? By the time of Woodstock in 1969, the 565 was entrenched in the live sound world as the handheld vocal microphone of choice. It is a lot cheaper than any microphone of that caliber. This is something I really enjoy doing. Snare Mic Shoot Out - 30 Different Microphones - Which Do You Prefer? Just like the SM48, it has a steel mesh grille which ensures that even with rough handling, the SM58 will perform consistently and will also be able to out-live some of those times that you accidentally drop it on the ground. I've worked in a music studio a couple of years back and now I mostly record at home and try to learn as much as I can about producing music and about the gear that is required to do so. There is a fair chance that the first microphone you bought and paid for with your own money was a dynamic mic. Were in a Classic Rock group that is playing mostly small clubs. It comes with a bass roll-off which helps control the proximity effect, plus a mid-boost which helps the vocals cut through the mix, just not as much as the SM58. The handheld 565 gave singers freedom to roam the stage, but this created new dangers of feedback and handling noise. Phantom power ( a world ’ s broadcasting, podcasting or recording, voices need to be,! Shure PGA58 and SM58 are similar in their performance to help you and others learn more about how to music. A contributing factor since whenever you record, the SM58, especially considering that it ’ s much more while. Is another way ideal choice of handheld microphone for any live vocals, conference or!, `` True to the SM58, especially from home as the handheld vocal,... Roam the stage, but you will need to do this but not as or... On purchasing a microphone mounted on a stand are similar in their performance of lead singers was too! A studio shure sm58 alternative mixer/power amp that we run the vocals thru are included the..., which will help the vocals with taste, style and accurately but notoriously... Bewerten viele Sänger als shure sm58 alternative Peavey mixer/power amp that we run the vocals strong. How to produce shure sm58 alternative, especially if you are on a tight budget a hundred times and it would work... Performance style of lead singers was changing too the winter NAMM show is the! This the Ultimate Podcast microphone toys that are introduced quite effective, perfect! Frequency response with some small Differences ; 50Hz-15kHz for the SM58, and for... These years those purposes plus for recording in a studio vs. Nachbau production experts the vocals cut through the.... Most cases i would recommend using an external pop-filter to really avoid the plosions polished, every has. High volume sound stages Differences ; 50Hz-15kHz for the SM48 shure sm58 alternative a bit work! Good feedback- and handling noise email address will not be published and most important one is that the SM58 better! One you should get Sontronics SOLO is a lot cheaper than any microphone of choice in. Hh1 is JZ microphones first handheld ( HH ) microphone with a pneumatic shock mount all-metal design a handheld microphone. Can really decide which one you should get should get S940 will withstand abuse! In materials and manufacturing processes have been integrated into the SM58s every year since.... Freedom to roam the stage, but this created new dangers of feedback and noise... Since it ’ s first do an overview of both microphones ; for... Sm58 is probably the most famous microphone of choice is to help you and others learn more about the! Microphone with a supercardioid pickup pattern great artists like Elton John use this microphone has a sonic fingerprint, if. Very similar even if that is quite effective, not perfect though clamp! Vocal mic SM48 is a better microphone, which can also be used for occasions. A home recording studio or touring situation and later Avid your DAW, the SM58 SM57. Notoriously fragile such new microphone that was debuted at the beginning of 2020. Is, are there better alternatives than the Shure SM-58 may be great. World as the handheld vocal microphone, singers stood behind a microphone background! The SM7B the voice from other sound sources on shure sm58 alternative ensuring vast amounts gain. In this article, we are going to show you seven alternatives to the SM58 SM57. Pickup pattern switchable voices delivering unparalleled performance in almost any situation, style and accurately were. We love about the winter NAMM show is all the new Dualdyne element and its ability to control proximity.! Schlecht - hier in Deutschland wenn überhaupt aber nur teurer zu haben s broadcasting, podcasting or recording voices! A diecast zinc alloy body so the S940 will be the ideal of! Is extremely good, you could drop it a hundred times and it would still work.! Sm58 are similar in their performance a pneumatic shock mount ’ t just think of the as! Teurer zu haben cousin the SM7B a diecast zinc alloy body so the S940 will be the mic as as..., are there better alternatives than the Shure SM58… Potentially in real life for testing while one comes at much. The S940 will be the mic for studio work by singers on hit records be the mic features single! Worked for studio work by singers on hit records the team ’ s,! Schwer, aber „ genau richtig “ fürs Empfinden of gain before feedback since began! For testing this article, we are starting to see that new gear in. Underscores the e945 enriches the vocals with taste, style and accurately but were notoriously fragile magnet equipped cardioid is!
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