Choose country ham slices that are shrink wrapped and very thin sliced for this recipe. The ham will want to curl while cooking, use your spatula to straighten it and hold it down. A hot alternative to the usual lunch or snack. Try it with berry jam on the side. A quick and easy sandwich with ham, turkey and swiss slices, dipped in an egg/milk mixture and fried to a golden brown. The 20 Best ALDI Finds for November Are All About Cookies & Thanksgiving Don’t add any salt to the ham until you taste it. Join the discussion today. By CJO. Of the different types of cut, spiral cut ham will take the longest because it is all one piece. Join the discussion today. Enjoy! Soak the ham slices for up to 30 minutes before cooking to help remove some of the salty taste. Make sure the ham is very dry before you start cooking. Ham slices cook much faster compared to other types of ham because of how thin it is. How you cook it depends on the type of cut you have: country ham, center cut, steak, or spiral cut. Butterfly chicken breast and marinate ... from heat, and slice the cooked chicken into thin strips, then return to sauté ... tortilla, microwave the ham for 10 seconds, then arrange ... layer in the sliced chicken, dribble some of the ... another 20-30 seconds. Read the What to do w /deli sliced ham discussion from the Chowhound Home Cooking, Deli food community. Advertisement. Inspiration and Ideas Ham Cake-ettes Ham Cake-ettes "What a WONDERFUL way to use up leftover ham and mashed potatoes!
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