Carbon dioxide released when fossil fuels are burned must end up somewhere. Large-scale use of fossil fuels started since the Industrial Revolution. Petroleum is used to fuel our vehicles, while coal and natural gas are used to produce electricity for our homes and offices. *..We burn fossil and other fuels like Wood and Paper..etc, as fuels to produce useful Energy. READ 21+ Awesome Reasons Why We Should Recycle More. Secondly, obviously, in poorer countries, lack of proper infrastructure and funding can be an issue. Why We Still Use Fossil Fuels Today Instead Of Renewables Today. 2. Our economies have been built around the use of fossil fuels. Here are eight reasons why we need to phase out fossil fuels once and for all. They occur all over the world, usually in very rich veins deep inside the earth, which means that, once we have committed to getting coal or gas out of the ground or out from under the sea, we are guaranteed to get a lot of resources from that particular area. We can all do something Fossil fuels are actually very easy to find. This topic educates about the effect of burning fossil fuels on the environment. Much of it adds to the greenhouse effect in our atmosphere bur a large portion of the CO2 has been found in the oceans. Firstly, you can view the energy mix of different major countries around the world in this guide (which energy sources they get their energy from). Today we understand the dangers of burning fossil fuels and we know these are finite resources and we are rapidly consuming them completely. First and foremost, it is an issue of cost. Lower costs. *..The fuels go through a combustion process and their molecules, together with sufficient air (oxygen), are reformed into CO2 and H2O (Water vapour), and produce lots of heat in the process. A good fuel is one which is readily available at a cheap rate and produces a moderate amount of heat on burning. Today, these are the most widely used sources of energy available for the use of both personal as well as commercial purposes. 1. Burning fossil fuels throughout the world releases millions of tons of carbon dioxide (C02) into the air and this causes global warming. Let’s start with the basics. Fossil fuels = Climate change . Why do we still burn fossil fuels to produce energy? Easier to Find . The answer is rather complicated and can vary, although there are a few common reasons for why we continue to use fossil fuels. You can see from the chart above that carbon dioxide is the major source of greenhouse gas released into the air. The amount of energy produced by 1 kilogram of fuel is known as its calorific value. Burning fossil fuels like coal, oil, and gas results in carbon pollution, which causes climate change.
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