Thin membrane clothing is therefore preferable, as it wicks away sweat while also keeping out wind and rain. It is a question that many ask themselves but which few can answer. Clothing; Fieldsports Nation. The hunt takes place in autumn, in the weather conditions that accompany this season. The wildest and most desirable birds in Europe – and happily most of them end up in the UK in the autumn, as the ice pushed them west across continental Europe in time for the shooting season. Snipe and woodcock. Forced south by cold Scandinavian winters, woodcock emigrate to British shores in late autumn. See contact information and details about Woodcock & Snipe. 1st October – 31st January. Irish Snipe Shooting. Based in rural Cumbria Woodcock and Snipe was formed by a team who are passionate about quality clothing and footwear for Country Pursuits. There is no need for camouflage, but woodcock hunting certainly calls for blaze orange in the interest of safety. The magic of the moment blends with hunting skills, the animal's intelligence is combined with the unpredictability of its movements. Outside Days offers woodcock and snipe shooting over pointers in the UK and Ireland SEASONS. Snipe and woodcock . KIT & CLOTHING. How to hunt for a sure hit? Cumbria. Join the Fieldsports Nation; Login; Shop; Home. You will need a means to carry shotgun shells (probably 25 depending on your success and shooting consistency), your empty shells, water, birds (hopefully! Woodcock Hunting Clothing. woodcock / snipe shooting. Blog. October 27, 2018. Not for the faint hearted rough shooting in Ireland is not so much a days hunting; its more of an adventure. “Oh woodcock, canny snipe!”. When hunting woodcock or snipe you end up walking many kilometres in a day, so it is important to have light fitting and moisture-wicking clothing. The Kerry region is one of the most beautiful in Ireland for hunting woodcock, snipe and sika deer. Woodcock can crop up in the bag on many of our shoots, but to truly appreciate these aerial acrobats and their cousins the snipe, a day’s walked up woodcock and snipe is in order. As mentioned, jeans can work just fine in the pursuit of woodcock. Woodcock and Snipe Ltd. Apr 2014 – Present 6 years 7 months. Deerhunter recommends. If woodcock hunting could be summarized with a simple sentence, the incipit of this article would be perfect. Traditional clothing is tweed suit including breeches: more relaxed than driven days walked-up shooting is still an event worth dressing for.
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